Privacy Policy

At CashMig we recognize that privacy is essential. CashMig has a strong commitment to safeguarding your privacy. We only collect information about our customers that is necessary to provide our services. We’ve outlined below how we collect this data:

Information gathering at

If you sign up with as an member, we collect the basic contact information you provide us and the information about your payment that you provide for us to complete your registration to our services. If you engage with our Customer Support Team works with you to assist you with our services, or assist you with questions, we collect data from your calendars, such as the date and time of the interaction, the length of the interaction and your email address. We also collect other pertinent information about you that is required for the delivery of services. When you browse our client’s websites we collect information about you Internet browsing and your operating system, as in addition to the date and time of your interactions. We also record your IP address whenever you visit our site. We also record the conversations you have with customers who use’s CashMig solution.

Making use of the information uses the data it collects to give you the most satisfying online experience. We will use your contact information to communicate with you about your account and services. We use the information you provide about your payments we receive from you to verify your identity. The information we collect about your interactions with our customer support representatives and sales representatives is used to assign the appropriate resources in our system to you. The information we collect can also be used to make certain that you’re in compliance with these Terms and Conditions. Through the interactions you have with our sales and customer support teams We collect data about you as well as your habits of use. We utilize this information to improve service quality services and to answer any questions related to service that you might be faced with from time-to-time. We also make use of the information you supply to for us to provide you with emails messages regarding products and services that are, in our opinion, going to enhance your experience as with your site visitors and customers. You have the option to opt-out of this emails by utilizing the opt-out features contained in the e-mail message. As a service-provider, however we reserve the right to provide technical information as well as other information that is crucial to our subscribers who are active in the subscription service we offer. We would like you to review these bulletins quickly and take action accordingly. We will not be held accountable or accountable for any consequential or non-significant damage or loss when you do not follow our technical instructions and follow our directions. The information we collect about visitors to our site collect is used to enable effective communication between our customers of and the site’s customers as component of the process of service-delivery.

Sharing of Customer Data with Other Users promises that it will never give or divulge customer information to any person, company or other third party, unless as described in the following:

  1. If it is deemed to be reasonable to protect the rights of the company or property
  2. If there’s an emergency in which a person’s security is in danger
  3. If we get an official directive, such as or order of a judge cannot be held accountable for any details you provide or share in the public spaces described below. cannot be held accountable for the misuse of it since this information is available to the public:

  1. Live chat forums
  2. Bulletin boards
  3. Discussion groups
  4. Mailing lists
  5. Social network websites
  6. Personal websites
  7. Blog postings
  8. Comments on blog posts

On We highly recommend that you read these privacy guidelines of other service providers like the ones mentioned above prior to disclosing any information about yourself. This will allow you to make sure that your privacy preferences are honored by the websites that you use.