Earn 25-50$ by Creating New Fonts and Typography

Want to make money by creating new fonts and typography? Let me tell you that you are in the right place. This guide will help you earn $25 to $50 by selling new fonts and typography. It might sound easy but creating new fonts is not an easy job if you are a beginner. Because there are millions of fonts already available on the internet. Everywhere you see designers are using different fonts on their websites, apps logos and so much more. But today this guide will help you to earn by selling new fonts and typography. Also, you will find the best place to sell your fonts. And the best ways to create fonts and typography.

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What are Fonts and Typography?

You definitely know about fonts. Basically, fonts are everywhere we see on websites, messages that we do, Over mobile phones, and almost everywhere. But do you know what is typography?

Typography is the way how your fonts appear and their style. Basically, it is the way of arranging letters, text, or sentences in a such way that it is clear and readable. So, make sure that if you are going to create a new font. Then it is clearly readable by the users and also printable on things or pages.

How to Create New Fonts and Typography?

Creating new fonts is a really tough task. It requires a lot of hard work. But if you think that you are smart enough to create a new font and typography. Then first we are going to share with you some of the best tools that you can use for creating new fonts quickly. And after that, we will tell you how to create your fonts by using this software.

Best Softwares for Creating New Fonts and Typography

Here is a list of some of the best software. That you can use to create a single font and a whole list of typography. You can also do your creativity on some already created fonts and edit them with this software. To create your own fonts from the existing library of fonts and so much more.

  • Adobe Creative.
  • Fontographer.
  • Glyphs.
  • Robofont.
  • Fontlab Studio.
  • FontCreator.

How to Create New Fonts and Typography?

You can create new fonts and typography in five simple steps. Which are given below.

  • The first step is to brainstorm ideas. What type of font do you want to create and do you want to create a small font size or a large font size? And lastly what type of font it will be serif or sans serif?
  • The second step is to start on a paper. The ideas you brainstormed earlier. Now, it is time to put them on paper.
  • Now, in the third step select the software above you want to use. Or simply it can be Adobe Creative. And export your design from paper to the software.
  • So, now do some final touches with the help of the software.
  • Lastly, export your fonts in the .otf or .ttf file format. And try your own fonts by yourself. Later on, you can sell them and start earning.

How Much You Can Earn by Creating New Fonts and Typography:-

As you know that designing a new font is not an easy job. So, if you can design a new font with no typography mistakes. Then you easily make a decent amount. The exact number can vary depending on your creativity. But you can make around $50 for a single font.

The amount you can earn by selling fonts and typography depends on different factors.

  • What type of platform you are using for selling fonts.
  • How well you did the marketing or advertisement of your font.
  • Lastly, it depends on the people if they love your font and share it with others. Or it is adapted by some famous companies and websites. Then you can make a lot.

List of People Who are Earning by Creating New Fonts and Typography:

We are providing you with a list of people who are earning a very high amount. Starting from 50$ so that you can get an idea if you create a new font and typography. Then how much amount you can make.


graphicfixers fiverr gig

graphicfixers can create custom font designs. And also can edit and modify fonts that you want them to. He is starting at $50. He can put your idea into fonts and typography. Also, he will provide you with the editable file that you can edit for yourself too. If you want to make any changes. Furthermore, he can provide you with almost everything related to font creation, font design, and more.


minesoul fiverr gig

minesoul is a Level 2 seller on Fiverr. Providing his services such as creating and modifying custom fonts. He is providing his services starting from $40 and in his premium plan, he will charge $100. For creating a single custom font design. Or even for modifying it. You can also do the same as he is doing.


rfj_graphics fiverr gig

rfj_graphics is also a top-rated seller on Fiverr. His ratings are very high. He is earning $50 for a single font design as a logo. Also, he has a premium in which he charges $100 for a single font, wordmark, or lettermark logo. He is best at creating new fonts and logos. So, you can get an idea by visiting his profile. And can sell your new fonts by creating unique fonts and logos.


borydesign fiverr gig

borydesign is a top-rated seller on Fiverr. And she is earning 40$ in her basic plan for creating fonts and signature logos. If you go with the premium plan they will charge you $120 for every font. So, if you are looking to work for some quality lettering signature logo then this profile can guide you. Now, you can imagine how much you can earn as a freelancer by creating new fonts and typography.


expartclub fiverr gig

expartclub is a top-rated seller. Known for creating custom fonts. His services are starting at $50 with the premium plan of $250. Also, he sells his custom fonts as streetwear designs too. And printable logos and so much more. If you are a beginner and want to learn how you can earn. Then you must visit his profile to get a better idea. After that, you can also earn the same as him.

Best Places to Sell Your Fonts and Typography:-

You know the importance of the best places where you can sell. If you are selling your fonts in the right place then you can earn a lot. So, here is a list of some of the best places where you can sell your fonts and typography.

  • Creative Fabrica
  • My Fonts
  • Sell Fonts
  • Fiverr
  • Etsy
  • Creative Market
  • Master Bundles

Final Thoughts!

Earning by creating new fonts is a bit difficult job at first. But if you follow the CashMig guide carefully. Then you can make this job a lot easier. And can make $25-50 easily just by selling your fonts and typography. We provided you with the best guide, best platforms, and best sellers as a motivation. So, that you can start creating your own fonts and can earn money.

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