How to Make Money Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling helps us throughout the whole building development process. It provides us with a realistic 3D model of a building throughout the construction process. So, there are a lot of people who want 3D models before they start their construction work. You can get benefit from this opportunity. Because you can make a lot of money by working for these companies. If you want to know more about the amount you can earn with building information modeling. Then you will have to read the complete article till the end. Because it will be beneficial for you.

What is Building Information Modeling (BIM)?

Building Information Modeling is a process that involves the generation and management of digital models. There are various tools and software in the market which we can use if we want to build any type of 3D or Realistic model. For any type of construction work.

With the help of Building Information Modeling, we can not just generate 3D models or represent them. We can see how they will exactly work, and how they will function. Above all, if there is any error in the model we will have the same error in the real building. So, which means that it can reduce the cost if we can fix errors in a representation. There are tons of other benefits for Building Information Modeling for which you can charge and make money.

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How to Design a Good Building Information Modeling

If you want to design a good building information modeling. Or if you are working on your first project then here are a few tips for you. If you will follow these they will boost your productivity in the first project.


Create a realistic 3D Design in the first step. Start working on our project and put all of your efforts into your design. Make sure you don’t miss out on anything. Basically, your design should look alike just real building.


So, now it comes to the planning. After completing your design process now it’s time to plan everything. In which you will plan the Cost and Timeline estimate. Make sure to plan everything if you don’t want any trouble during the construction work.


After designing and planning now it comes to the construction. So, which means that now it’s time to bring our design into reality. Now, the contractors and construction workers will use your model to build a real building. Also, they will update your model according to the changes they will make.

Best Softwares for Building Information Modeling (BIM)

For designing a good model you need good software. As a beginner, you might not know which software is best to design complex 3D models easily. Even if you are a professional then you might be using the wrong software which might be taking a lot of your time during the design process. So, for that reason here are some of the best for BIM.

  • Autodesk Revit.
  • Revizto.
  • Plannerly – The BIM Management Platform.
  • Trimble Connect.
  • BIMCollab.

How Much Can We Make from Building Information Modeling

Now, let’s discuss the amount we can make from BIM. As you know that the Model is necessary for a construction company. Without the model, they can not build any building. So, which means they will hire a Building Model Designer Expert. This means that it is a good opportunity for us to earn money by selling over skill.

The exact amount you can make through this is really high. For designing a simple 3-D design you can easily make more than $300. There are tons of freelancers who make more than $1000 for designing a complex model. Furthermore, the average salary a Building Modeling engineer can make is $62,375.

Best Platforms For Making Money

Here are some of the top platforms that you can consider if you want to make money. We will share with you the best freelancing platform that you can use to make money. And also will share with you the top freelancers who are working on that platform and making money. It will depend on you which one you chose. We will share all the pros and cons of using that platform.


As we told you above you can consider freelancing. Because it is the best platform where you can work and earn money. There are no restrictions a simple remote job. Where you can demand the amount you want and they will pay you.

You can Join Fiverr from the Link Below. It will help you in creating a professional profile quickly. So, after that, you can start making money.

Highest Paid Building Information Modeling Freelancer

So, here are some of the highest-paid freelancers who are working on Fiverr. And making a lot of money.

andreaneco  Make Money Building Information Modeling

andreaneco creates conceptual BIM modeling and elevation. So, for which he charges $400 also provides one free revision, and will deliver the product in 14 days.

Furthermore for designing a highly detailed BIM model. No matter how complex the design he will create it with tons of details. And for that, he will charge you $1,950. He also provides three free revisions in his premium plan. Due to its complexity, he will deliver the project in 30 days.


nevonjameel charges more than $600 for designing a simple floor. He will deliver the project in 14 days. Furthermore, he provides two free revisions with 100 LOD.

If the floor is complex to design with furniture elevation, section, and 3D Overview. He is going to charge $1,550. Whereas he will provide 5 free revisions in his premium plan. The delivery time will be 30 days.

abrahanmarchi Make Money Building Information Modeling

abrahanmarchi is providing his services as a trainer. Those who want to learn BIM with Revit online. They can contact him he will teach you. And will charge $1,250. Where he will teach you all the basics things.

But if you want to become a professional by working on a real-time project. Then he will provide you with those services too. But he will charge you $2,300.

Final Words

You can Make Money through Building Information Modeling easily. Once you will read the complete article you will learn everything about BIM. If you can learn how to design a professional 3D model. Then for designing a simple model you can earn more than $400. And by working on bigger and more complex models you can charge more than $2,000. So, learn this skill through CashMig and start making money.

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