How to Make Money Online from URL Shortener?

Basically URL Shortener is an amazing way to earn money online. There are plenty of people who prefer to make money through URL Shortener. For URL Shortener, there is no particular website is required that is quite a good point. Nowadays, you can find out numerous URL Shortener companies which pay a lot. Moreover, with the help of these companies you can earn endless money. As well as, if you want to make money via URL Shortener, you will get lots of opportunities. Also, if you want to know how to make money from URL Shortener, read this article very carefully for your own good. In this article, you can see a list of some best URL Shorteners.

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Best URL Shortener to make money

1. Make Money Online is a platform where you will get paid for share your links on Internet actually.

  • Links clicked today: 1,000,051
  • Users registered: 5,373,907

Why is best?

  • Simple API: The API of this app is super easy and simple to understand. Due to this simple API, you can create an link immediately for your app, website or widget. It also creates a links very safely and security.
  • Easy install scripts: provides a collection of easy to understand install scripts. Therefore, you will get paid for all visitors who visit your website quickly.
  • Antivirus servers: This app is excellently secure and it’s all advertisings are family safe and comes with no pop-ups quality. Because of Anti malware and Anti-virus servers, it scans the adverts 24/7 and offers you safe experience.
  • Minimum pay-out: With this app, there is no need to earn lots of money for pay-out. It only requires earning $5 for pay-out. Once your earn $5, you will get paid. Also, you can get your money through Payoneer or PayPal easily.
  • Detailed statistic per link: offers detailed statistic on every link. Due to this statistic, you will aware of your earned money. You will also know about countries and referral URLs as well.
  • Advertisers: The fraud filters of this website are really good. If you pay for real visitors on the website of yours, these filters make sure the excellent traffic quality. Further, campaigns are start with $5 only.

How to start with

  • You need to register yourself for an account of
  • Then you have to start shrinking.
  • pays you for each and every person who visits your URLs.
  • You can place your links on different sites like Twitter, Facebook and many others.


2. is a website that is one of the best ways to earn extra money from your traffic hassle freely. Basically turns your links into money via adding an ad layer. When the visitors see these ads while searching their required page, you get paid from this website.

  • More than 300,000 earning users

How works?

  • On this website, people come to visit your page and press on a link which they want.
  • When they search any link, they see an ad at the intermediate page.
  • With every ad that will display on the page, you will earn money.

How to start with

  • First of all, register yourself with an account of
  • Then you have to invite people like your readers, followers or friends.
  • You will earn 20% from the income of those people whom you invite. This earning will be lifetime and there is no limit for it.



AdFocus is a URL shortener that makes you able to earn money online in an effective way. This is a free short URL redirection service basically. When you share your links on internet, this app will pay you. Also, it allows you to share your links on different social media apps and websites. When you will get paid, you can get your money through Bitcoin and PayPal.

Moreover, to your short URLs, you can earn more than $22.50 per 1000 visits on average. You can create link during on the fly according to specific dates, countries or referrers. On the earnings of more than $10.00 every month, AdFocus pays its users.

Referral Program: By your referrals, you can earn 20% of revenue created for lifetime.


Linkvertise Make Money Online

Via, people can easily earn money. This app pays users to share links on internet. When users share links and people come to visit your link, you will get paid on every visitor. In the German speaking countries, this is one of the best paying link shortened website.

Why Linkvertise is best?

  • Simple administration: It comes with super easy administration. You will have the perfect overview of all your earnings due to optimized dashboard. Therefore, you can see how he shortened links works via the stats of the website.
  • Highest pay-out rates: It offers best pay-out rates. Through this app, you can earn more than $70 per 1000 views easily. Also, without using any irritating pop-up, this app is still one of the best and highest paying websites.
  • Offers daily payments: offers daily payments to users. You can receive daily payments through Amazon coupon, Paysafecard or bank transfer quickly. It offers at least $10 minimally.

How to start with

To earn money with, you need to create an account and then register yourself. Once you get registered, you can easily check the tools and features of this website. As well as, you can shorten links easily with super-fast speed. With this website, you will get;

  • Monthly payments automatically
  • Extremely clear statistics
  • Super friendly features and services


BCVC is a latest URL shortener websites that gives you opportunity to earn real money. To earn money, you just need to register yourself on the account of Through, you can earn via three simple steps such as shrink, share and earn.

  • Mobile Traffic: For mobile traffic, BCVC pay higher pay-outs basically. These pay-outs are available for all countries.
  • Desktop Traffic: BCVC also offers higher pay-outs for entire desktop traffic. These pay-outs are available for all countries as well.
  • Social Media: Via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook or via some other social media sites, you can also earn money easily and conveniently.
  • Report: It offers completely accurate and real time report in detail.

How to start with

With this site, earnings are completely depending on the links which people click. Basically as many people press on your link, as much you will earn. On BCVC, the opportunities of earnings are unlimited. You can increase your earning by using referral program. Its referral program offers 10% of all referrals for lifetime.



ShrinkEarn is a website where you can earn money from URL Shortener seamlessly. You can earn money online by sharing website address on internet. This is one of the best paying URL shortener websites all over the world. At this site, you can easily create your account, shortens links and share them on internet. When you share links, this app pays you according to clicks. It is completely free as well.

  • Total Links: 64,781,349
  • Total Clicks: 483,974,205
  • Users Registered: 643,882

How to start with

  • To earn money, simply create an account and register on
  • After creating account, shrinks or shortens your links.
  • When you shorten your links, share them on different social media sites or internet.
  • You will earn money when people click on your links.

Referral Program: Due to its referral program, you can invite friends and earn 20% of the earning from the earrings of those friends who join this site.


linkspy Make Money Online

From your website, you can increase your profit by more than 100% hassle freely. Basically, to choose a URL shortener, the number of paid views and rate per country are the main things to consider. When you use LinkSpy website, you can use more than one URL shortener. As well as, this site will choose the best option for you. Furthermore, with this site, you can see better paid views as well as best rates that will increase your revenues amazingly.

Why is best?

  • It comes with excellent and real time statistics.
  • There is fee for using this site.
  • You can optimize the rates.
  • You can grow the paid views.
  • You can customize capping and rates.

Earnings Calculator

You can easily check your expected revenue boost.

Daily TrafficCurrent Daily Income

Earning Per Month

  • Current income: $150
  • Expected Income: $225

Index-Calculator Profit $75 (+50%)

How to start with LinkSpy?

  • First, link your URL shortener accounts.
  • Then, you have to create LinkSpy links. You can also use API as well.
  • After creating links, share them on internet.
  • You can check your revenue boost conveniently.



Almost 3 million publishers use this shrtfly website due to its amazing services. Shrtfly have 3 years of market expertise actually. Other than that, it offers best CPM rates as well as exclusive conditions.

  • Total Links: 44,583,219
  • Total Clicks: 1,450,827,673
  • Users Registered: 1,115,845

Highest CPM Rates

  • India: $1.5
  • Brazil: $6.5
  • Thailand: $6.5
  • Canada: $7
  • United States: $8
  • Brunei Darussalam: $14
  • Greenland: $21

Why Shrtfly is best?

  • Offers 30% referral bonus: This site comes with excellent referral program. Due to this referral program, you can earn money via your short link. If you refer a friend, you can earn 30% of that friend’s earning for lifetime.
  • API: It has super-easy API that offers great help to shortens links in a convenient way. It will also improve your creative ideas as well.
  • CPM rates: This site provides highest CPM rates always. You can take advantage of your traffic with the continuously increasing rates.
  • Low minimum pay-outs: On this site, you only need to earn $.00 in order to request a payment and this site will pay you immediately.

How to start with Shrtfly?

  • Create an account on Shrtfly and register yourself.
  • After you create account, you have to shortens or shrink URL links.
  • When you shorten links, you can share them on different social media sites and can earn money easily.



This site comes with best CPM rates and amazingly useful features as well. With ClicksFly website, you can earn money through short links. From your traffic via using short links, you can earn lots of money seamlessly. According to per 1000 views, you can make more than $150 easily.

  • Total Links: 41,219,770
  • Total Clicks: 189,737,934
  • Users Registered: 438,136

Why ClicksFly is best?

  • 20% referral bonus: Its referral program is a best way to earn money without any struggle. You only need to refer friends to make money. When you will refer a friend and he will join this site, you will receive 20 of his earning lifetime.
  • Offers detailed stats: You can easily analyse the audience in detail. Through analyses, you will know what you should do and how you can earn money effectively.
  • Low minimum pay-out: Before you will be aid, you have to earn $3.0000 at least. You can get your money with the help of Bitcoins, PayPal or Paytm.

How to start with

  • Create account on ClickFly app to start earning.
  • Then shrink the URL links and share them on internet.
  • By just sharing URL shorten links, you can earn.

10. Make Money Online is one of those best URL shortener websites which pay you for sharing your links on internet basically. It is popular among people all over the world. With this site, you can start earning whenever you want. Additionally, there are thousands of people who earn with it conveniently. Simply shorten URL links and earn lots of money. As much people will visit your link, as much you will learn.

  • Total Links: 443,000,000+
  • Total Clicks: 1,200,000+
  • Users Registered: 1,380,000+

Why is best?

  • Low minimum pay-outs: It offers all payments on time via Bitcoin, Payoneer and Payeer. It pays two times every month. When you will reach the minimum threshold, you will get paid immediately.
  • Provides highest pay-outs: The best thing is that if a same person views your link several time, all views will be count. It has highest rates in different countries.
  • Excellent customer support: With this app, you will get 24/7 customer support service. You can contact the team at any time and get response within 12 hours.

How to start with

  • Simply sign up to an account of It takes just a few seconds.
  • After you will sign up, shrink URL links and share on internet wherever you want.
  • When you will share your links, you will get paid as per view.

11. is an app that pays you to share links on internet. Through this app, you will get paid by your links which you have shared. You will get paid on every visitor who comes to visit your link. Basically is a free website that is best for earning money online.

Why is best?

  • Ads are very few: It keeps ads units quite less so your experience will be amazing.
  • Rates are highest: The rates of this website are highest in some popular countries. Even if a person views your link for multiple times, every view will count.
  • Higher pay-outs: It spends 95% of income to pay the users.
  • Support service: In case of any confusion, you can contact to the team whenever you want. You will get your answer in 12 hours.
  • 20% referral bonus: Its referral program is best way to earn money online. You just need to refer a friend and you will receive 20% of his earning for lifetime.
  • Low minimum pay-outs: For pay-out, you only have to earn $5.0000. This site paid to users according to their payment methods.

How to start with

  • First of all, create and account on and registered yourself.
  • Then simply shortens your links and share them on social media and internet.
  • Via sharing links, you will earn money with great ease.



Smoner is one of the best URL shortener websites. As well as, it is free completely and paid you for creating and sharing links on internet. It is true that this site is free but pays you for your links. You can earn lots of money with this tool without any struggle. When you share a link and somebody visits your link, you will get paid. This app is super simple and convenient. It offers highest rates so you can make money through the traffic via continuously increasing rates.

  • Total Links: 269,415
  • Total Clicks: 18,566,347
  • Users Registered: 65,177

Why Smoner is best?

  • 10% referral bonus: You can refer friends and can earn money. If you refer a friends and he joins the app, you will receive 10% of his earnings for lifetime.
  • API: Users can short URL links in a very convenient way due to easy to use API.
  • Customer support: There is a very efficient team is available for the help of customers. You can ask any question from that team and response is very quick.
  • Low minimum pay-outs: Before you will get paid, you have to earn just $3.00.
  • Administration panel: There is an administration panel included so you can control all features. Also, you can analyse the users to get best income strategies.

How to start with

  • Simply create and account on this app.
  • Via your account, shortens URL links and share on internet wherever you want.
  • Through sharing URL shorten links, you can make money.


adshrink Make Money Online is another amazing platform for earning money. Here you can shortens URL links and can share them on internet to earn money.

  • Total Links: 6,000,000+
  • Total Clicks: 80,000,000+
  • Users Registered: 200,000+

Why is best?

  • Tracking system: You can easily track individual link analytics. Also, you can optimize all touch points with the system and can measures the performance of each individual.
  • Automatic SEO: With the automatic SE, your visibility on internet will be improved. Because of SEO, you content will index on Google automatically.
  • Powerful search engine: Due to this search engine, you can get new visitors without traffic easily. For exclusive content, all links will insert into the search engine automatically.

Services provided by

  • Powering Tools
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Referral Program
  • Premium System
  • Ticket System

How to start with

  • Register yourself on this app.
  • Shrink your URL inks.
  • Share those shrined or shorten link.
  • Earn money through those shared links.



It is supremely reliable URL shortener that paid you for your every single link so you can earn money easily. As well as, this site is one of those sites which provide best and highest CPM rates so you can make lots of money and can increase you daily income hassle freely.

For pay-out, you only need to earn $5 at least and can pay-out on daily basis. You can withdrawal through Perfect Money, Bank transfer, Gopay, PayPal, OVO or DANA.

Why adpaylink.comis best?

  • Offers highest rates: As compared to other shortener sites, this site offers highest rates to its users. Therefore, you earn a lot.
  • 10% referral bonus: You can refer a friend and can earn 10% of his earning for lifetime.
  • Pay-outs on daily basis: This site offers you everyday pay-outs. For pay-outs, you have to earn $5 at least. So without waiting a month, you can get your payments daily.
  • Customer support: Its customer support is very good and available for 24/7.
  • Automations tools included: There are automation tools available. So you can convert your links manually. These tools work 100% automatically.



With Shortzon, just shorten URL links and share them wherever you want to earn money online. It is free and paid you by creating short links. It also offers protection and manages your links as well.

  • Total Links: 550,760
  • Total Clicks: 477,547
  • Users Registered: 7,122
  • Administration panel: You can easily control all features because of administration panel.
  • 10$ referral bonus: Just refer your friends and receive 10% of their earnings for the lifetime.
  • Low minimum pay-out: Before you get paid, you have to earn at least $5.00. You can get your money through PayPal.

How to start with Shortzon?

  • Create an account on Shorzone for free.
  • Shortens the URL links and share those shorten links on internet.
  • Earn with your links which you have shared.

16. Make Money Online is also free for use completely. Through this app, you can shorten links and share them on different sites to earn money. To earn money from a URL shortener, this site is best option for you. It also manages and protects your links for your convenience.

  • Total Links: 48,274,574
  • Total Clicks: 243,584,455
  • Users Registered: 84,309

Referral program: The referral program of is an excellent option for make money online seamlessly. You can also spread about this site through this referral. Basically when you refer a friend, you received 20% of the earning of that friend which you have referred.

How to start with

  • Create an account at the very first.
  • Then create a link and share it wherever you want.
  • When you will share your links and people will visit to them, you will get paid.
  • It pays you on every link that is visited by people.

17. is an amazing URL shortener that is best to earn online money effectively. This platform is basically free for use for all users. Despite it is completely free, it paid a lot to its users.

Referral program: It contains 20% referral program that is very beneficial to earn some extra money. Through this referral program, you can refer a friend and can get bonus immediately. You will receive 20 of the earning of that friend which you will refer.

How to start with

  • Register yourself on this site by creating an account.
  • When you will register, create a short link and post on social media sites or anywhere on internet.
  • When people will visit on your link, you will get paid on every visit.

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