How To Make Money By Question and Answer


Quora is the most insane platform in terms of Earning Money. As you might know that Quora is a Famous online Question and Answer Website. The site was first Opened in 2010. And now it Generates Millions of Traffic. There are many different methods available for Making Money. But, What if I tell you that you can also Make Money Using Quora? Just by answering the Simple Question. If you find this interesting and want to know more about How you can Make Money Using Quora. Then this article is for you.

What is Quora?

Quora is a Simple platform for Questions and Answers. Approximately Quora’s Active users on monthly bases are more than 200 Million. All of these people come here to get the Answer to their Questions. Because the Platform is Completely Free. And it Connects you with Millions of People around the world. So, you Can imagine if a site has more than 200 Million Active Users. What it is capable of. Basically, Quora can make everything a lot more Simpler and easy. If you are running a Business or you want to hire someone. Or simply if you want to share your knowledge with the World. Lastly, this Platform is for you.

How to Make Money from Quora?

So, now let us jump to the Main Question. How to Earn from Quora. There are many people who are earning between $10,000 Monthly from Quora. Just by Giving answers to a few Simple Questions. I bet you can not find an more easier and interesting method. Then this is for earning money. You can not Earn from Quora by Answering the Questions. But you can also earn from Quora by Asking Questions too. So, let’s just say if you are a Quora. And you ask 30 to 50 Questions Daily. Straight for 90 Days then you can easily make between $15,000 to $20,000.

Now, there are many different Ways to Make Money from Quora. But we will share with you one of the Best and Top methods. That can help you earn a lot more. Then Quora’s Partner Program.

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List of The Best Ways to Make Money from Quora:-

1- Quora Partner Program

Quora just recently announced its first Earning Program. Known as the Quora Partner Program. You can easily make around $3000 to $5000 On a Monthly Basis. By using the Quora Partner Program. Through this first method, you can make money just by giving answers to a few simple Questions.


Now, you know that you can earn money through the Quora Partner Program. But What if I tell you that it’s not that easy? And you have to face a lot of Problems. While registering for Quora. So, here is the list of a few Problems that you might face when registering yourself for the Quora Partner Program.

  • You directly can not Apply for the Quora Partner Program. You need more than 1 Million Views on your Question. And then you will get an Invitation.
  • They Kick Some users out of the Invitation Program without any reason.
  • Quora doesnt directly pay you. You are Paid by the Advertisers.
  • Wait at least from 1 Month to 3 Months for an invitation.

But even after all the Problems. Somehow you stay Consistent and they invite you to their Partner Program. You can earn a pretty decent amount by asking simple Questions. Just simply ask a few interesting Questions and earn money on the Go. But if you want to earn more using Quora Partner Program here are some Tips for you.

Tips to Make More Money Using Quora Partner Program

  • Ask Questions On the Trending and Interesting Topics.
  • Ask More Questions on the Daily Basis. And Stay Consistent with your routine.
  • Questions must be Simple and Directed. So, that the User Can Understand it well.
  • Your Keyword Research must be good. If Quora is getting more traffic through Google on your Question. Then the CPM rate is Very High.
  • Write Questions on Topics Which Are Very Popular. Like, Health, motivation, and Technology.
  • There are not any restrictions you can answer your Own Questions too.

2- Bring Traffic to your Blog or Website

Quora‘s Monthly Active Users are more than 200 Million. If you are running a Blog or Website. Then you direct your Quora traffic to your Blog. You can easily increase your traffic on your Blog. And can earn a lot of money through Google Ads and advertisers. Which you are currently running on your Blog. If you direct Quora Traffic to your Blog. You can easily Generate Millions of Traffic for your Blog.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a Large Industry. When you will direct traffic to your Blog. And you can start using Referal Links on your Blog or Website. Then you can imagine if you generate One Million Traffic on a Monthly Basis to your Blog. And Only 100 Of them Purchase and Click on your Affiliate Links. You can easily make around $5000 to $10000 on a Monthly Basis.

Give Quick and Straight Forward answers to the questions. The Users are Asking. And in the Middle of the Answer paste the Link to your Website. Furthermore, if you want to generate even more traffic then Leave the Answer in the Middle and paste the Link to Your Blog. Then put a Read More Box on my Blog and you are good to go.

3- eBooks

If you are a Good Writer. Then you can Write an eBook in which you will give answers to Quora’s Most Popular Questions. And if you are Popular on Quora then you can Start Selling that eBook on Quora. Once, you will start selling that Book and it will gain popularity with time. After that, you can Sell at a very High Price or you can simply focus on the Margins.

You can Easily Make Millions Of Dollars by selling eBooks on Quora. Above all, you don’t need to be a Most Skilled Writer. Simply give answers to the Top 100 Questions of Quora in your eBook. And Start Selling it to make Hundreds and Thousands of Dollars.

4- Start Selling Your Skills on Quora

Quora is a Great Platform to Sell your Skills. If you expert at Something and don’t know where to Cash Out your Skills. Quora is the place for you. Gain popularity on Quora by Asking Questions. And you will get in the Eys of Big Companies and Clients. Then they Can hire or you can Simply Target the People of your Niche on Quora. Target them and Start Selling your Skills. You don’t need to work as a Freelancer. If you know how to use Quora well. It is the best place to sell your skills.

5- By Promoting

Try promoting your Products on Quora. And you can make your product Popular just in days. If you are a Businessman then you can easily Promote your Business. To millions of people on Quora. It just depends on you. Have patience and keep working on Quora. So, Day by day you will get better and with that, your Earnings will too.

Final Thoughts!

Quora is a Great Place to Start Earning Money. It’s Difficult at First on Quora. But If you have Patience then with time. You will gain Popularity then after that, you are the Boss. And you can Decide what you want to do with that Popularity. We Shared with you the Best Ways to Make Money Using Quora.

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