How To Make Money From Infographic Design

Infographics are used to represent information and text using visual images. No matter what type of data it is. It can be the infographic design about the latest trends, a step-by-step guide, or more. Basically, with the help of infographics, we can represent any type of data and information in cool visuals. But do you know that we can make a lot of money by designing infographics? The average amount a person can earn by designing infographics is more than $100 on daily basis. If you want to more about income streams and how you can design good infographics. You must read the article till the end.

What is Infographics Design?

Infographics Design Example

If we want to represent tons of boring information about any particular topic or product. We know that no one will read that much. So, what we do is that we use different images and put the necessary data onto them. And after that, we display that image to users. So, that they will find it eye-warming.

This whole process of representing data into visuals is infographics design. We can convey over message more clearly through infographics design. Now, it doesn’t depend on what type of data you want to display using infographics. But if you are going to display large data with infographics it will be a lot difficult for you. But for short data, you can easily represent it in a cooler way.

How to Design Infographics?

Designing Infographics is really easy. You can easily design it you just need to follow these steps.

  • Head over to Canva from the below link and sign up.
  • After that simply click on the search button and search for infographics design.
  • Tons of different templates will appear to you.
  • Simply, scan all of them and select the one which you like the most.
  • Once you will select the template you will be redirected to the customization section.
  • Where you can easily customize your selected template.
  • After doing the final touches to your design it will be ready.
  • Simply, click on the share button, and different options for exporting the design will appear.

Infographics Design Examples

If you will follow the above process you can create something like this in a few minutes easily.

White Simple Design Infographics
White Simple Design Infographics
White Grey Illustrated Design Tips Infographic
Grey Illustrated Design Tips Infographic
White Illustrated Design Business Infographic
White Illustrated Design Infographic

How to Design Good Infographics?

ISo, if you want to design good infographics. You need to keep a few things in mind. Basically, everyone is working and they create designs. But creating a good design is an art. Here are a few things to keep in your mind.

  • Audience: First thing is your audience. It depends a lot on your audience if you want to create a good design. So, study your audience well.
  • Goals: Secondly, keep your goal in mind while creating a visual design. What message do you want to convey and how do you want to convey it?
  • Information: Collect all the possible information you can get for the design you are working on. And only use that information which is necessary. Don’t put too much keep it short.
  • Design: The last and most important point is your design. Make sure it’s super cool, the fonts are clear, and the background and everything pop well.

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How Much Can You Make By Designing Infographics?

You can make a lot of money by designing infographics. If you work as a freelancer. Then you can easily make $50 or so in the beginning. But as you will work with more clients and the ratings of your profile will go up you can earn even more. There are a lot of people who are making $500 for creating infographics design.

There are multiple ways to earn money through infographics. And the amount you can earn is also different. So now we will explain one by one all the platforms. After that, you can select one which you like the most and start making money.

Consider Freelancing

You should consider freelancing first if you want to become an infographic designer. Because it is not a physical field. You can earn remotely a lot more money than doing any physical job. So, consider freelancing because there are a lot of freelancers. Who are making more than $350 for single projects.

If you are curious to know which freelancing platform is best for you. Then as a beginner, you can try Fiverr. Below you will find a Link to Join Fiverr. Simply, click on it and it will take you to the Fiverr homepage where you can create your Gig. And start making money by designing infographics.

Highest Paid Infographics Designers Working on Fiverr

There are tons of people who are working on Fiverr and earning money. But here is the list of some freelancers who earn more than $100 by working remotely on Fiverr.


Make Money From Infographic Design

dreejc7 can design realistic poster infographics. And is a pro-verified seller. Due to the reason that he is professional and has a lot of skills. He is starting his services at $295. Where he provides two revisions and three days of delivery time.

If a client wants some extra features like VIP Support, Source file, unlimited revisions, and more. Then he will charge a client $995 in return for providing these services.



Clients who want creative and professional infographics. studioflux can design them easily. And at an affordable price which is $65. Where they will design short and basic 5 data points.

Furthermore, if you want the top-of-the-line design, VIP Support, and unlimited revisions. Then you will have to pay $325. In which you will get all of his support with unlimited revisions. And the delivery time for any type of project will be 7 days.



oliviareaney is a top-of-the-line seller. Due to that reason her rates are very high. For customizable 3 to 5 data points design. She will charge $350. Because she can design the best infographics.

If you want more data points then for 8 to 12 data points. She will charge $850. Where she will give you two free revisions and 5 days of delivery time.

Final Thoughts

If you want to Make Money From Infographic Design. Then you will find all the necessary detail in this guide. You can easily learn to create infographics. From the, How to Design Infographics section. And you will find all the platforms through which you can make money. If you go through the complete guide carefully. And start working then you can make at least $50 daily from infographics design.

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