How to Make Money on Bigo Live

Bigo Live

Bigo Live is a live streaming platform basically. On this platform, there are almost 400 million registered users. All these users do live streaming as well as can watch live streaming of other people according to their choice. On the other hand, this is a platform which makes you able to do live streaming, make new friends and many other entertaining activities and earn money.

Bigo Live allows you to stream and earn money via streaming. When you start live streaming, you don’t need to do any traditional job because you can earn lots of money.

Furthermore, you can broadcast yourself live and make you popular because people will see you and know about you. Through this article, you can easily learn how to make money on Bigo Live. On this app, users can show their different talents to earn money and kill boredom. This app offers at least $320 every month on average. If you also want to know the real ways to make money with Bigo Live, read this article carefully.

Is it really easy to make money on Bigo Live?

Yes! You can earn money by streaming on Bigo Live. There are numerous people who use this app to earn money as their main source of income. This is same like any other online business or online working. When you do live streaming on Bigo Live, users can give you coins and gifts. You can convert these coins into cash and can easily send that real cash to your bank account seamlessly.

Some effective ways to make money on Bigo Live

It is true that you can make money with so many methods. We have discussed some best ways to earn money on Bigo Live which are here below. You can also read how to Earn Money From Snack Video.

1. Teach People Something

If you want to earn through Bigo Live, the best way it to teach people something which you know best. You can create tutorial videos for teach people. For this purpose, you can pick topics according to your choice. You can find many topics which are popular among people and people want learn about them. On Bigo Live, these tutorial types of videos are very famous. Therefore, you can start from tutorial videos and teach people different things. Basically Bigo Live gives you opportunity to earn by using your talent in a right way. There are many good ideas like makeup tutorials, home remedies, beauty tips, hairstyle tutorials and many others available. If you become a makeup artist even if you not a professional artist, you can earn a lot.

An average makeup artist can makes at least $20,000 to $30,000 every year in the beginning.

2. Join Referral Program

Bigo Live comes with referral program. In this program, you have to refer a friend on this app. When your friend will join the app, you will get paid. Basically this referral program depends on the country. For instance, you will earn USD2 for each and every sign up by joining Singapore refer a fried program immediately. This is the most convenient and easiest way to make money with Bigo Live.

3. Make Blogs and earn money

Nowadays, blogging or Vlogging is one of the most popular ways to earn money. You can earn by just showing your daily life. If you are a person who has a very interesting and entertaining lie, you can make money with it. People follow those people who make blogs on daily basis for entertainment purpose. Basically these Vlogs or Blogs are like reality shows. On internet, you can find thousands of people who work as Vlogger. You can make your career by filming your daily life and earn money seamlessly. If you focus on this filed and work with struggle, you can make millions of dollars. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can start your career quickly.

4. Promote Products

You can make money on Bigo live by promote the products. With this app, you can promote your own products as well as others. For make money, you have to do live streaming and there you can promote your own products easily. To promote your products, there is no specific requirement for some specific product. Rather you can promote eBooks, hats, mugs, clothes or some other local things conveniently. There are numerous people who do their business through their own products on this platform. Mostly people don’t like traditional products. To solve this problem, you have to do live streaming and promote your products. Therefore, people will know about your products and your products will sell more. Through live streaming, you can earn from Bigo directly. But for earning, you must have as much followers as this app required.

By promoting your own products, you can earn at least $2,000 every month on average.

5. Become Official Host

Become Official Host

If you have some special talent and you can make entertaining videos for people, you can earn a lot of Bigo Live. When you show your talent to the world, you get paid for it via this Bigo Live platform. In this method, you have to do an effective and entertaining interaction with people who are your audience. Basically when you work on Bigo Live as an entertainer, you called an official host. It offers commission to its hosts. This commission is based on time spent broadcasting, content and number of followers actually.

If you become an official host at Bigo Live, you can make $5.000 every month on average easily.

6. Make money via encashing Virtual Gifts

On Bigo Live, you can also earn by encashing the virtual gifts easily. Bigo Live sends virtual gifts to those streamers who have so many followers. So basically these virtual gifts are beneficial for popular streamers. Once you will get these gifts, you can convert them into beans. These beans are providing for most popular streamers actually. You can encash these beans for real cash which will deposit in your bank account. So if you want to make money in this way, you need to show your talent to world for gaining more followers.

The rate of been exchange is currently 210 beans for UD $1.

7. Get Sponsors to make money

On any live streaming app, sponsoring is the most popular way for earning money. There are numerous streamers who make money by get sponsored. However, brands sponsored only those streamers who have enough followers. Basically sponsorship is from different brands and well-known companies. That’s why they require significant following for sponsorship. First of all, if you want to get sponsored, you need to gain numerous followers on your channel.

Pros and Cons of Bigo Live

  • With Bigo Live app, you can earn lots of money without any hassle.
  • This app comes with a great customer services and offers real time chat with viewers.
  • If provides virtual gifts and amazing benefits when you gain lots of followers.
  • This app contains a very user friendly and extremely simple interface that is equally suitable for both newbies and experts.
  • You can make live streaming videos in a complete HD quality.
  • There is no maintenance for chat recordings.
  • You cannot adjust the quality of videos with this app.
  • It comes with many rules and regulations which are strictly required to be followed.


Big Live is basically one of those platforms which give you money with fewer struggles. There are plenty of people who use this app as their main income resource. This app allows you different ways to earn money. In this article, we have discussed some very simple and useful ways to make money with Bigo live. You can try any given method to make money which is suitable for you according to your convenience. In case of any confusion, you can comment below.

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