How to Make Money by Selling Guest Posting?

Basically Guest Posting is an amazing method of earn money. In this method, you can earn money through writing online guest posts. If you have talent of writing and you want to earn via this skill, there are lots of opportunities for you. For this this purpose, you can contact with people who need help to write and publish guest posts on their blog websites. Actually people, who create backlinks for blog websites, want position and exposure authority and want traffic on their website, will pay you good money for writing. If you want to know how to make money by selling Guest Posting, this article will be pretty helpful for you.

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is basically a way of writing content for the website of other companies. The main purpose of guest blogging or guest writing is to gain traffic on the website of a company seamlessly. Also, for Nowadays, guest posting is quite popular for make money. It is one of the best practices of Search Engine Optimization. However, before starting Guest posting, you should consider some most important things about Guest Posting.

Things to be considered about guest posting

  • The very first thing that you should be careful about never post on those website which already contain so much guest content. On these sites, links are mostly useless.
  • If you want to become successful because of your guest posts, your posts should be very well written for sure. It is necessary for Search Engine Optimization.
  • Always use outbound links in your posts. You have to pick outbound links according to the topic and helpful for the article as well.
  • When you write an article, makes sure people share it on their social media accounts. Actually sharing is the most important thing that increases the readership. This thing is really very helpful for a writer to become popular and earn money.
  • Another thing that is very necessary to be considered is your topic. Your topic is the most important thing for your guest posting and article writing. Basically people come to a post for meet their needs and if your topic will be irrelevant, they click back to search result and go to another post. Therefore, your posts have to must be on topic.

Some Headline Ideas for Guest Posts

We are here with some good headline ideas for your guest posts. These headlines will be improve your creative and productive skills and you will become able to start your topic effectively.

  • Tips for
  • How to
  • What is
  • Examples of
  • How to use
  • How to fix
  • Advantages/Benefits of

Find Paid Guest Blogging from Customers

Professional bloggers:

There are numerous professional bloggers, who want to write guest posts for them. Actually bloggers create website which rely on affiliate sale search engine traffic.

SEO companies:

Basically SEO companies are the main type of companies which want guest blogging services. Actually these companies have a large number of customers so these companies want work according them. You can clearly see SEO companies create backlinks which are long-lasting, blog with high quality as well as best blog or guest posting.

Big brands:

Nowadays, big brands are becoming latest emerging online start-up in approximately 500 companies. These companies have excellent marketing budget therefore these companies pay according to their budget. If you want to start your guest posting career from these big brands, it quite is a good decision.

Marketing Company:

Marketing companies are also very good for your guest posting. Basically these marketing companies have numerous customers so they always work on best plans. If you contact with these companies, it will be beneficial for you.

4 ways to make money by selling Guest Posting

1. Check out the market price for Guest Posts

For selling your guest posts at a good price, you should know about the market price for sure. Basically to become successful in any filed, you must be aware of everything related to it. If you don’t know about the market price, you can’t sell anything. For this purpose, do a good research and need to know what determines the value of your work and what affects its cost as well.

Other than that, there are some websites which charge extra for sponsored posts. This is because they have a very strong and well reputation and they also have a huge number of customers. These website have numerous people who visit their blogs on daily basis. If you want to see the metrics which affect the publishing rates of guest posting, check out the pricing guide of a guest posting. In this pricing guide you will see the domain rating, trust flow, traffic and domain authority as well.

2. Best Quality Content

To make money by selling your guest posts, you should create high quality content at first. The basic point that makes you a successful blogger or article writer is the quality of your content. As high the quality of your content, as much you will earn.

If you want to contact to any blogger or company to contact you, first you have to establish steady following. Always pick best topic for your content write everything relevant to the topic. When your topic will on point and your quality will high, many large size and well-known companies contact you automatically. Other than that, your must have to write content that can also increase the brand awareness. Similarly, choose topic that creates leads, boost click through rates and rank on SEO with the help of relevant keywords.


  • Add media: Always add media, memes, charts, videos and info-graphics in your content and mix up your other media. Basically people attract on things which usually appealing instead of just writing. Therefore, when you will add these additional things in your content, your content become more attractive.
  • Well-researched: Before you write anything, do a good research on it. I doesn’t matter you are working on blog post with your own experiences or what else your research must be excellent. If you give and advice or claims something, your information and research should be authentic always.
  • Unique content: Never try to copy someone when you write something from your own mind. On internet, there is a lot of content available then why people will read your article? It is because you will provide fully unique content to your readers. As well as, in your posts share your own opinions on different topics. I suggest you to visit this website where you can also learn Earn money tips and tricks.

3. Earn money through Ads

If you want to make money through guest posting, you must run ads on your website. You can present sponsored reviews on your website. There is no need to pay for the sponsored content directly. Basically there are so many brands which sell their products through the good reviews. When you will review any brand, brand will pay you good amount as well as products. You can try PPC ads for earn money in guest posting as well. This is the best kind of ads which are helpful to earn money. In this category, how many people click on your ad, you will be paid according to clicks. There are lots of people who click on the ad so this method will work for you. You can also try some good ways to make money through ads:

  • Sponsored post space
  • PPC ads
  • PPM ads
  • Sell a newsletter space
  • Sell ad space privately
  • Give sponsored reviews

4. SEO friendly content

There are so many effective ways for guest posting but search engine optimization is the main key to become successful in blog writing. Basically search engine offers great help to reach the target audience as well as potential clients conveniently and quickly. Search Engine Optimization provides proof that your content is best and completely flawless.

If you want that your content rank on Google, you should follow some tips and advices which are given below:

  • You must have to improve the speed of page load because it is the main SEO factor. In case your website is too slow, people will prefer any other website to reach their needs
  • Always keep your content fresh and up to date. There are so many professionals who visit different website for their businesses and other work related posts. SO if your content will out-date, maybe you lose some very good clients and visitors.
  • If you ever grab something from a different site, makes sure you mention that website. Basically linking to authority websites also give to benefits to grow up faster.


Do you get paid for guest posting?

If you post something in paid guest posting, for a writing guest post you will get aid. However, you have to pay the linking site if you buy links. Furthermore, mostly paid guest posting site don’t pay as good as good your expectations could be.

How do I start a guest posting business?

A guest posting business requires struggles and best quality work. If you want to start your own guest posting business first you should get organized and then find best guest posting opportunities. When you find them, send them your work and also send a follow up email. After that, simply write your guest post as well as link to your guest post from other guest posts for sure.

How much should I pay for a guest post?

In guest posting, you will paid according to your work. Actually it depends on different factors. If you are a new writer, you can earn round about $10 to 20. However, in case you have a vast audience and you are writing from a long time, you can earn $50 to 150 or maybe more.

Is guest posting still effective?

Guest posting is basically good to build backlinks. You can get your website links through guest posting. When you write something, you can easily add the links of your website so more people will know about your website in an effective way. Therefore, guest posting is still effective in some ways.

How do guest bloggers find opportunities?

To find best guest bloggers opportunities, you should use some advanced Google search operators. As well as, always search for the prolific guest bloggers and keep a very keen eye on other competitor backlinks. Also, do best social searches and target well-known guest post website for get better opportunities.

Is guest posting safe in SEO?

Yes. If you follow the high quality practices and create best quality guest content through your writing, guest posting is completely safe in SEO. Actually through guest posting you can create backlinks for your website and also enhance the search ranking.

How do guest bloggers get paid?

Guest bloggers get paid through different resources. They can make money through advertisements, big brands, well-known companies and offering best quality content. As well as, if an article that is completely written according to SEO and also unique, can rank on Google quickly. Therefore, guest blogger get paid according to their skills and quality of work.

How much do guest bloggers get paid?

When someone provides a blogger with free content, bloggers make money. Basically, they offer more than $750 in a month. It is completely based on the rate of $15 per article as well as a maximum of 50 posts every month. However, the rate is completely depends on the quality and size of the website.

How do I pitch a guest post?

To get pitch a guest post, always start with the relationship and proves your values efficiently. As well as, for get pitch for a guest post, you should do your research well. Another thing that is very necessary that always understand and respect the time of the editor. In addition, if you provide creative content options, your guest post will be amazing.

How do I write a guest post for SEO?

For SEO, the basic thing is the quality of your content. If you want to write for SEO, keep your content unique and best in quality. You have to use proper headings, paragraphs and other points. As well as, right use of transition words and related keywords are really helpful for top ranking.

How can I write and get paid in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, you can earn money through start blogging. You can also write blogs for popular websites seamlessly. As well as, there is no problem to self-publish a book to make money. Additionally, you can also become a copywriter and can earn good money if you are from Nigeria. For get paid, you must have a bank account where you can receive your payment easily.

Where can I write guest posts?

There are plenty of websites which are best for writing guest posts. You can search about them. You just have to involve yourself in the writing and publishing articles for different websites. If you are a well-skilled person and can write high quality content, you can contact to different brands and companies for guest posting with great ease.

Why is guest posting important?

Guest blogging is an amazing thing that offers great help to create relationships with well-known companies. Also, you can make contacts in your industry and can expose your brands for complete new clients and audience. Similarly, you can drive referral traffic for the website of yours. It allows you to build yourself as a thought leader without any problem or hesitation.

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