How to Make Money Online by Designing Icons

We have icons on apps, websites, and softwares. Basically, icons are everywhere, and also it is pretty easy to create and design icons. But as you know that you can earn a lot of money by designing icons. And there are various ways to earn through icon design. But we have to choose those which make sense or are more suitable for us. We will share with you tons of different websites and freelancer platforms. Which will help you in jump-starting your career. So, stay with us and at the end of this article, you will be able to earn by creating icons easily.

What is Icon Design?

So, some of you might know what is icon design, and some of you might not know. For those who don’t know icon design is part of graphic design. Basically, we draw different graphical representations of, real, abstract, fantasy movies or more. To represent an image and we convert it into an icon. Then we put it on over folders, apps, and websites. Icons are pretty easy to create with the help of a few free softwares. And you don’t need any extra skill to design them. But a bit of creativity is required in this field. If you don’t know how to design an icon then you must read the bottom part.

How to Design Icons?

Here are few simple steps that you need to follow while designing icons.

  • The first step is to research icons. You can research if you have an idea already going on in your mind. Or simply you can keep researching until you find the best idea.
  • Secondly, you have to choose what size your icons will be.
  • Now, in the third step chose what will be their design. Rounded, square, aesthetics, minimalistic, simple, advanced, tech, illustration or so much more.
  • Lastly, start building them in any software you like.

Best Softwares for Designing Icons

Some of the best softwares for icon design are here.

  • Adobe Photoshop.
  • Adobe Illustrator.
  • Sketch.
  • Figma.
  • Affinity Designer.

Tips for Better Icon Design?

Designing icons is a very easy job. But it requires thinking and creativity. Because you always will be working on different icons and their design. So, it is necessary that your design sense must be really good. Here are three tips to keep in your mind. If you want to create an attractive icon design.


The first and the most important factor behind a good icon design is. The Size of the icon. You need to choose the best size depending on your icon.

But I will suggest you create different sizes for each icon design.

Because when you will start designing a new icon you can easily export the icon. But when you are exporting icons you can export them in different sizes. In this, you will not have to worry about anything. Also, you can edit different sizes into different designs and colors. Later on, you can sell them in this way you will be more productive. And also will be able to earn a lot more than just from one size.


Chose colors wisely. If you have a good color sense then your dull icons will look attractive too. But with a bad color sense, you can make your good icons bad too. So, your icons depend a lot on the color you chose. Be wise while choosing colors.

Colors can make your icons or break your icons.


Now, the best tip is to create a Grid for yourself. You will work as an icon designer and you will need to create new icons daily. So, design a grid for the size you always work on. After that make sure that your icon is not out even an inch from the grid. Grid is the most important factor too. Here were a few tips that can help you.

How Much Can You Earn by Icon Design?

Icon design is the most effortless method for earning money. There are a lot of people who make hundreds of dollars from a single icon pack. The amount varies depending on the platform and skills. But as a beginner, you can earn $10 from each icon pack. Also, if you work as a freelancer then you can earn even more.

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Best Ways to Make Money by Designing Icons

As we told you in the above post that there are different ways to earn by designing icons. So, we will discuss all of them with their pros and cons one by one here. Read all of them and chose which you think is the best for you.

Work as a Freelancer on Fiverr

You can work on Fiverr as a freelance icon designer. And can earn a lot of money. Working as an icon designer on Fiverr is really helpful. Because each job you will do will be different and you will learn a lot of new skills. Also, you will get a chance to work with tons of new clients who will help you learn new things. And you can easily make hundreds of dollars by one project through Fiverr. Working on Fiverr is really easy and helpful.

List Of People Making Hundreds Of Dollars by Working on Fiverr

summarydesign fiverr gig
dannywethern fiverr gig Make Money Online by Designing Icons
dreejc7 fiverr gig

summarydesign draws very unique icons and is a pro-verified seller on Fiverr. Which are starting at $100. He creates a complete set of unique and illustrated icons. And in that set, a client can demand as many icons client wants.

dannywethern designs very unique icons on Fiverr. He is also on fivers top pick list. Due to this, he charges $200 for designing simple icons. So, design and create icons. If you want to make $200 a day. By doing simple work.

dreejc7 provides 10 simple and unique icons. For which he charges $245. So, if you want to make the same amount as he is making for designing only one icon pack. Then you need to learn how to design icons. After that you can earn the same.

Final Thoughts

If you didn’t know how to make money by designing cons. Then this article is all about earning money by designing icons. You will find tons of tricks that will help you quickly create a very beautiful and stunning icon. Also, you will find the best platforms which you can use to earn money. So, if you think that you can not design icons. then you can visit other articles on CashMig too.

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