How to Make Money Scriptwriting

What is a Scriptwriting?

There are numerous writers who want to make money through scriptwriting. This is a good way of making money but it is not so simple and that effective for everyone. First of all, the thing that you need to know is that only top scriptwriters earn money.

If you want to sell your script to a larger company for lots of money, let me tell you that your expectations may be dashed. When a person that is not popular or well-known in a company, sell his or her script, the figure of amount will divide into so many stages depending on the returns of box office. The lawyers of entertainment industry write these contracts. Therefore, you will face so many problems to secure payment past the very first deposit. Therefore, to make money through scriptwriting can be little difficult. If you want to know how to make money scriptwriting, read this article carefully.

Ways to make money through Scriptwriting

1. Film Treatment

Basically, a film treatment can be a good way to make money. When you write an outline for a film, you can become a top writer an earn money according to our choice. Actually an outline or a film treatment is method that pays writers for offering their ideas. Because, a written idea is the foundation of any film and obviously producers want an idea for sure. If they like your outline, they will ask for write the whole script. Therefore, you will get paid according to the size of film. However, if you fail to impress the producer or a film maker, this method will not work for you. But despite chances of failure, you can try your luck at least for once.

2. Write Content for a Website

Nowadays, there are several people and companies which need content for their websites. It will not be wrong to say that, writing content for different websites is the basic earning way of scriptwriters. They write script for websites and websites paid them. Also, almost all websites no matter small or large, looking for a scriptwriter for excellent content.

On the other hand, you are no bound to only write for others rather you can write for your on blogs or website. You can create blogging on social media and make endless money without any hassle. There are mostly scriptwriters run their own websites or they do blogging. Basically when you write for others, you need to be careful about their requirements and choices. But at the same time when you start your own work and write for your own self, you become free from all boundaries. However, in these both ways, you can make money amazingly.

3. Write Commercially

If you want to make money through scriptwriting, try something different. It is very clear that writers never make as much as almost all other fields. If you write only for screen, maybe your never earn as your expectations are. But rather, you can write for corporate promos and commercial texts for better results. Other than that, many scriptwriters make lots of money through writing graphic novels or comics. Nowadays comics are pretty popular among both kids and adults. If you don’t know how to write commercially, you can take some courses out there. Through these courses, you will understand all details about commercial opportunities.

4. Try to write for a Mini-budget Film

You can make lots of money through writing a mini budget film. When you write a limited location story, you only need a very few actors. Actually for a mini budget film, only most necessary people will required. As well as, where few actors needed, a bit money will use and your film will be ready. Once your film completed, you can do marketing via film festivals as well. If you also want to make money through scriptwriting, you can

  • Plan a low budget strategy
  • Write low budget movies

Basically there are plenty of screenwriters who once write for others or write low budget films. Therefore, in case you present a low budget film properly and your film gets popular, you can also get a chance for make endless money in your future. But your script and presentation of film, both should be excellent.

5. Create an eBook

As a scriptwriter, you can create an eBook as well. Simply find a topic and then write an eBook about that topic. For become successful in the field of scriptwriting, do a very strong research and present your topic properly. You should always be careful about a topic that everyone wants to read. If you read a topic that is not so interesting and people avoid it, it will not beneficial for you. Therefore, select a topic keenly. When you write for eBook, it is not necessary to response everyone. Rather, just give a solution for an issue. There are numerous TV show and horror writers who only write but never answer the questions for people.

Other than that, if you are a scriptwriter you can use Answer the Public option. Through this option, you can understand better about the needs of people and will know what people exactly want from internet. As well as, you can search for a very few question which stay with you. Select these questions very carefully and offer their answers as an eBook. When you will add questions and provide their answers, people will attract on you and want to read your content. For write eBook, you can take two options like:

  • To drive email signups easily, you can use your eBook as a freebie
  • You are free to sell your eBook on Amazon

6. Provide a Screenplay Coverage

You can provide screenplay coverage to make money. There are some well-known companies which offer reader positions. However, these companies never pay so much. In this method, you can set up a consulting gig of your own despite it requires too much struggle and hard work. On the other hand, you can create a website where you can display all your work hassle freely. As well as, you can also provide story development advice and premium coverage at the same time. In short, for expert and professional scriptwriters, this way is supremely beneficial where they can earn excellently.


Nowadays, scriptwriting is not only bound to write for movies and TV shows. Rather, there are plenty of other ways where you can show your talent as a scriptwriter. You can write for other websites or can also create your own website and earn lots of money. As well as, if you learn eBook and write commercially, it will be great for you. Moreover, if you believe on your content and thinks it is excellent you can try to write for a mini budget film as well. Also, there are numerous writers who want to make money through scriptwriting. These is a good way of making money and if you want to know the right ways of make money with scriptwriting, read out article properly and follow the ways which we have mention. Also, comment below to give us your valuable feedback.

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