How To Make Money With Architecture & Interior Design

Let’s say we want a map for a new building. Then we will visit an architect, and we will pay him to design the map of our building. Also, if we want our interior to look better or simply, suppose we’re going to organize the space inside the building. We will visit an interior designer who will help us design the interior for our building, like furniture, fixtures, tv mount, wall decors, and many other accessories. So, we will pay them as much as they will demand. What if we teach you how to design the interior? And become an architect so, that you can make money through it. If you are interested and want to know more, this guide is for you.

What is Architecture & Interior Design?

Architecture Design

Simple Architecture Design

Architects design buildings. Like when we want to build a new building. And we want to see how the building will look and the space it will consume. Like how much space will go into the kitchen, how it will look and how will the bedroom look and everything? So, we design a map for the building and that process is the Architecture design. Visualizing how the actual building will look is Architecture.

Interior Design

Interior design is different than architectural design. We design interior in the interior design. And exterior in the architectural design. In interior design, we design furniture, fixtures, and more. It is all about designing the interior of the building.

How to Design Architecture & Interior?

It’s easy to design the interior because it requires creativity. And it is a bit difficult task to design the architecture because the architecture design involves all the technicalities. Here are a few steps if you will follow them carefully then you can easily design the Architecture & Interior.

How to Design the Architecture?

  • Simply, open up your favorite software for designing architectures.
  • Create a new project file.
  • For architecture simply select the size of the building.
  • Then after that add one by one all the rooms in it with proper measure.
  • Keep adding rooms with the measures clients want until there is no space left.
  • No, check all the blocks with the measurement you created are fine.
  • There should be no difference in the measurement.
  • After that simply export or print the design and give it to the client.

How to Design the Interior?

  • Open up the software you think is easy for designing interiors.
  • There are tons of websites where you will find the best interiors and designs.
  • Go through them until you get the best fit.
  • After that main step is the color scheme for your interior. Use different colors or shades.
  • Add textures to your interior.
  • Furthermore, for decoration, you can use flowers, wall mounts, paintings, and more.
  • Lastly, you can add your own creativity too and you will have a completely good-looking interior.

Best Softwares for Architecture & Interior Design?

If you are a beginner and don’t know which is the best software to start with. So, we are going to share with you a list of software. Which the professional architects and designers use. They are also free and some of them are paid. If you don’t know how to use these you can read the above part. And you will know how to use them. To achieve the maximum results or satisfaction. You must try all of these softwares. And after that, you can decide which one will work the best for you and install it.

  • Autodesk 3ds Max.
  • SketchUp Pro. 
  • TurboCAD.
  • Autodesk Revit.
  • Archicad 25.
  • Easyhome Homestyler.

How Much Money Can You Make by Working as an Architecture & Interior Designer?

You can make tons of money as an Architecture & Interior Designer. But it depends on your skills the higher your skills the higher the amount. Also, this is not any type of just regular field in which we can learn and start earning money. Because in this field we need to do a lot of maths, creativity, and hard work.

If you can do all of this then you can make a lot of money. How you can make money by working as an architecture and interior designer, and the best place to make money. We will share it below. So, the exact amount you can make by designing just a simple design is more than $30. It will take only a few minutes for you to design. And after that, you can easily earn a lot of money.

Best Places to Make Money as an Architecture & Interior Designer

So, here is a list of some of the best places. Through which you can make money as an architecture and interior designer.

Join a Freelancing Platform

First on our list of money-making ways through Architecture & Interior Design is work as a freelancer. So, there are tons of benefits that you will get if you join a freelancing platform. Some of them are you can demand that amount from the client which you think you deserve for your design. And the freedom to work from home without any worries. Above all, the secure and safe ways to receive payments.


If you want to know the best freelancing to start with. Then you will find the link below click on it and it will help you quickly sign up on Fiverr. Because it’s the best freelancing platform. Below is a list of some of the highest-paid freelancers working on Fiverr.

Highest Paid Architecture & Interior Designer Working on Fiverr

aliza_ayman224 makes architectural drawings in auto cad. So for designing a simple architecture she charges $15. And for complex architecture, she charges $40. Where she provides four free revisions.

geometrystudios design modeling renders interior, and exterior with the help of 3dmax. And he is a top-rated seller. Where for simple 3d sketch images he charges $80. And for interior, and exterior floor plans he charges $140.

hamza__masood can do super fast SketchUp 3d models and render. For which he charges $70. He can also design complex large-scale buildings for which he charges $500. 10 days delivery time and three free revisions.

Wrapping Up

You can easily design Architecture & interiors using AutoCAD. And after that, you can follow over complete guide to start making money. As an interior and exterior designer. You can easily make more than $500 for designing a single interior and exterior design. Which you can complete in 10 days. So, if you still didn’t get anything then you can read the article again it will help you a lot. Also, if you are searching for another money-earning method you will find those too on CashMig.

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