How to Make Money With Building Engineering

Building Engineering involves the design, construction, maintenance, and more. A building engineer who is an expert in technology. Today is being used for the design, construction, and then maintenance of the buildings. Can easily earn a lot of money in various ways. The study shows that the average salary a building engineer can make is $76,446 a year. But there are some engineers who are really professional and experienced. So, they make even more by working on different platforms. If you also want to know more about how you can make money with building engineering. Then read till the end.

What is Building Engineering?

There are tons of things going on in a building. Which involves electrical systems, HVAC cooling, calculation, plumbing, MEP drawings, and more. So, we can not build all of them by ourselves. We need a building engineer who can do this job for us. Because they are experts at the technology which is required in the engineering of buildings.

Building Engineering requires a lot of hard work. Because there are tons of aspects if you miss even a bit of them. Then it can cost you a loss of millions. Let’s just say you created a design for the electrical system. But you missed installing the converters or main switch wire. So, which means that it was the waste of time or resources. The aspects of building engineering like design, problem-solving, collaboration, analysis, and project management require a lot of effort to work properly.

Types Of Building Engineering

There are different types of building engineering. And their work is completely different from each other. We will explain all of them one by one you can choose any which you like the most.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering involves pipes that are surrounded by buildings. It mostly involves water piping, gas piping, sanitary and more.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering involves all types of electrical work in a building. Most electrical engineers are the saviors of our life. Because in lifts, fire alarms everything we use in a building is connected to electricity. So, if they miss out on anything then it might cause damage to our lives.

Energy Engineering

Energy engineering involves dealing with the alternative to current electricity. Which involves generating and using solar electricity, wind power electricity, and more.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering deals with Heat, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. Most of the electricity we use in a building is with these devices. So, if we can engineer them well it will reduce the overall cost of electricity. And the building will also become more efficient.

Plumbing Engineering

Plumbing engineering involves cooling systems, heating systems, water pipes, sinks, showers, and more. All type of pipes through which water is flowing in any form is Plumbing Engineering.

Best Softwares for Building Engineers

Here are some of the best software. You can learn as a building engineer and make money from them. You can design and create almost anything with this software.

  • Autodesk AutoCAD.
  • RISA.
  • SAFE.
  • STAAD Pro.
  • SketchUp.

How Much Money Can You Make From Building Engineering?

You can make a lot of money as a building engineer. Because building engineering involves tons of different aspects. Like, Civil, Electrical, Energy, Plumbing, and more. So, which means that if somehow we can get experts in two to three fields of building engineering. We can easily make more than $10,000 monthly. Just by working a few hours a day.

It is a bit critical field to learn. If you don’t have a good experience already in the engineering field. You can not work in this field. Because there are various technicalities in building engineering. Which a beginner can not learn. So, if you can not learn and practice building engineering. Then how you are going to make money from it? First, you need to select a particular type of engineering. And give it your time to learn to use everything. And after that, you can make hundreds and thousands of dollars from it.

Best Places to Make Money as a Building Engineer

You can work on different platforms as a building engineer and can make money. If you want to do a physical job then you can do it easily. With a physical job, you can not make more than $8,000 as an engineer. But by working online as a freelancer you can make a lot more money.

Join a Freelancing Platform

By working as a freelancer you can make tons of money. Because you will get a chance to work on small projects for which you can charge hundreds of dollars. So, you can easily design any building within a few hours. And then after that, you can charge people any amount you want.

If you want to know which freelance platform is best for you in terms of services, support, and commissions. Then below you will find the link. Click on the Link and Join Fiverr. The link will help you quickly sign up on Fiverr. And after that, you can start making money.

Highest Paid Building Engineers Working on Fiverr

prof_abner for designing a simple floor plan including signature, blocks/objects. He charges $300. Where he provides one revision and will deliver the design in 5 days.

But for complex floors with elevations of 6,500 square feet. He will charge $500 and he will provide you with a detailed system design and source file. Three free revisions and the delivery time is 10 days.

mirsabmohamed will do HVAC design with calculation for residence. And for the area of 2000 sq. ft or less he will charge $125.

Furthermore, for the 3500 to 5000 sq. ft manual calculation area. He will charge $300. Where he will provide free unlimited revisions.

jhoanfred is an electrical designer. He will design an electrical layout with the help of AutoCAD. And he will charge $120 for a radius of 500 sq. ft.

For $120 he will provide one free revision and a source file. Whereas he will deliver the product in a maximum of 5 days.


If you want to Make Money With Building Engineering. Then you can make more than $10,000 monthly. But it’s a very technical skill which means that you will need to do a lot of hard work. If you want to learn building engineering. So, in this article, we shared everything with you that can help you become a good building engineer.

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