Make Money by Selling Photo

Want to Make Money by Selling Photo? Photography is a highly demanding skill these days. If you are good at photography or you are just started as a photographer. And thinking about starting passive income. Then there are so many several ways to sell your photos online. The amount you can earn by selling your photos just depends on your experience and creativity levels. There are a number of ways and platforms to Make Money by Selling Photos. But in this article, we are going to break down one of the top ways to do so.

Is it Possible to Make Money by Selling Photo?

You might be thinking is it really possible to do so? Then the answer is YES obviously you can do so. There are not any extra skills that you need. Or any heavy equipment like DSLR for Millions of dollars. You can start with your phone. And start earning money in the meantime. After that learn skills by selling your photos on different platforms. So, that you get better and better at your job. But if you are a beginner or even an expert photographer here are some key things to remember. If you want to keep selling your photos online successfully.

  • Finding the Niche that suits your style the most.
  • Know how to use the equipment that you have.
  • Get better at editing your pictures.
  • Build an audience according to your Niche.
  • Don’t just rely on one platform. Start working on different platforms.

List of Best Ways to Make Money by Selling Photo:-

1- Sell Your Photos Online on Stock Libraries

If you don’t know what stock libraries are. Then the answer is simple. There are a bunch of stock websites available on the internet. And they want to buy your digital photos. So, that they can use those photos for advertising, wallpapers, as a cover for their books, and more. Basically, they work on commission. Let’s just say if they sell your photo. Depending on the platform they can take 30% to 40% of your actual price. As, a commission for using their platforms.

Key things to remember before you start selling your photos on stock websites:

  • Most of the photography sites these days will require you to upload a few pictures that you clicked. They will check your pictures. If they approve that you can sign-up on their platform and start selling.
  • Furthermore, you can not demand your own price for any of your pictures. If you work on stock websites.
  • The amount you will get is not going to be 100%. The platform will keep a 40 to 50% commission for selling your photos and using their platform.
  • You can grow very fast on popular stock websites. But they are also very competitive to start in the beginning.
  • Lastly, some popular stock sites are exclusive. So, this means if you upload your photo on their site. You will not be able to upload that photo on any other website.

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Best Stock Websites to Sell your Photos

1. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a very famous platform. For almost 16 years now and the website is offering the same services and quality to its customer. So, at first, if you start working with Shutterstock then it is not a bad idea. There are a lot of people who visit and download stock photos from Shutterstock. And the platform offers them your photos at very cheap rates. This means that you get a higher chance of earning.

Also, there are not any restrictions if you work with Shutterstock. You will not be able to upload your pictures on any other platform. Somehow, if you are a beginner then you get only 15 to 30% of your photo’s price. This is somehow a disadvantage of using this platform. But, as you grow and upload more and more pictures the percentage will go higher.

2. Alamy Make Money by Selling Photo

The second on over list is Alamy. Why so, because it offers you the best rates. The commission rate on this platform is really low. You can earn between $65 for every photo you upload. Depending on the Niche and the quality of your picture. You can earn from $10 to $300 for every photo.

Above all, the main reason why we are recommending you to try Alamy. Is that it has millions of buyers. And you can earn even if you are not a photographer. If you are an iPhone user then you can download their app from the app store. Stockimo, start uploading your selfies and you can earn.

Furthermore, there are not any terms and conditions or restrictions. That you need to stick to us and you can not upload your pictures on any other platform. So, which means that you can also earn by uploading your pictures on different platforms.

3. Picfair Make Money by Selling Photo

Now things get interesting with Picfair. Because on other platforms you were not able to demand the price for your pictures. But now with Picfair, you can set a price for individual pictures. If your pictures are of high quality then you can demand a higher price.

But here is a tip don’t demand too much money. Because there are several platforms that are offering photos at low rates. So, make sure that the price is affordable. If your price will be lower than other sellers. Then your sales will go higher. And with the sales, your profit will go up. Now, think wisely if you go with Picfair because the price is an important factor.

4. Adobe Stock Make Money by Selling Photo

Adobe is a very popular website. Everyone knows about them and uses their editing software. Adobe Stock is their product too. You can earn a lot of money from this famous platform. And the commission is also very low. You can earn between 35% of your pictures at first. The numbers can vary depending on the quality and the reach of your photos.

Setting up your account on Adobe Stock is also pretty easy. There is not any approval or anything that you need to work on this platform. The reach of this platform is very high. So, you can get a benefit from it. But as you know there is only one disadvantage. Which is that it is very difficult to grow because the competition is very high. Lastly, there are no restrictions you can work with other platforms too if you upload your pictures on Adobe Stock.

5. iStock Photo

iStock Photo is a product of Getty images. The major difference between both of these platforms is. The images you can upload on iStock photos are non-exclusive. In this way, you earn only 15% to 20% of the profit. But as you know that you can work with other platforms. So, the profit doesn’t matter you can cover it up easily.

It is the best platform if the quality of your photos is good. Because more numbers of people will download if your photo is good. The higher the number of downloads the higher the profit.

Here is the list of the amount you can earn depending on your downloads.

  • On 800 downloads you can earn a 30% profit.
  • For 8,500 downloads you can earn 35% profit.
  • For 34, 500 downloads you can earn 40% profit.
  • Lastly, for 515,000 downloads you can earn 45% profit.

6. EyeEm

EyeEm is a platform similar to Instagram. But here is a twist you can upload your pictures. And EyeEm will help you earn for your pictures. You can use the platforms and start selling your photos online. The platform is very famous and also it offers pretty good rates.

Depending on the quality of your photos you can earn 25 to 55% for every picture. It all will depend on what type of image you are uploading. Also, you can earn more for the good quality.

7. Getty Images Make Money by Selling Photo

Getty Images is a very famous platform. With millions of active users and buyers. But the platform is very exclusive which means you can not work with other platforms if you work on Getty images. If you upload pictures at a high quality then you can earn a 20% profit for every picture you upload,

Also, the numbers can go up to 45%. If you are consistent and the quality of your image is good. The website works with some of the top brands. People come here to search images for very highquality and exclusive photos.

8- Dreamstime


Dreamstime can be a pretty good start for beginners. Who are newbies in the field of earning by selling photos. Because the website can pay you from $1 to $5 per picture. You can sell your photos on the website if you want a better experience. But if you want to do photography and upload pictures using your mobile. Then the app is available for Android and iOS both. So, you can easily download and upload your pictures using your smartphone.

You might be thinking that the price is low. But don’t hesitate just start from small. And the older you will get on Dreamstime the higher the amount will go. So, give it a shot if you don’t like this one. Then the above list is for you.

2- Sell your Photos on Freelance Websites

Another great way of earning money is by selling your photos on Freelance websites. The main key thing here to remember is that you will not sell photos here that you already captured. But you will connect with several clients on different freelance websites. And you will have to click stock pictures. The way clients want you to.

Through this method, you can easily make $50 for a single photo. Above all, if you work on a project with a client then you can quickly make hundreds of dollars. And all of the amounts you earn are totally safe and secure in this way. You don’t have to worry about anything. Most Freelance platforms are secure.

Best Freelance Websites to Make Money by Selling Photos

Some of the best Freelance websites that are trusted and can pay you well are.

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Guru
  • 99designs
  • PeoplePerHour

Tips to Earn More by Selling your Photos on Freelance Websites

Here are a few tips to earn more money by selling your photos. While working as a Freelance Photographer.

  • Create your profile on different freelance websites. Don’t just rely on one.
  • Know how to deal with your client. Offer clients what they want.
  • Your rates must be affordable. They can vary if you are working on a big project.
  • Know how to use your photography tools like camera, editing softwares, and more.
  • Create your own portfolio website and upload your best clicks there to attract clients.

3- Create your Own Website

Another great way to make money by selling photos is. To create your own website. Where you can upload the pictures that you click. With only a few dollars you can buy a Hosting and Domain for your website. And can start earning. There are so many different ways to earn by selling photos if you host your own website. You can easily make thousands of dollars by selling photos on your personal website.

The cost it will take to start a website is very low. But the amount you can earn is just really big. There are so many ways. If I give you a number then you can easily make $10,000 per month. Just by selling photos on your own website. The number can go up or down sometimes. Depending on the traffic and sales of your website. It can also depend on the quality of your pictures.

Here are a few ways through which you can earn by selling photos on your own website.

  • You can set monthly subscriptions on your website. And once the user will register they can sign in through their login details. To use website photos free for a month.
  • Secondly, you can charge people per picture.
  • Earn money by printing your photos onto different things. Like, wallpapers for walls, mugs, books cover, portfolio pages, aesthetic pictures and so much more.
  • If you generate good traffic on your website. You can run Google Ads on your website.

4- Sell Photos on Social Media

If you think the methods we discussed above are tough for you. Then this is the easiest method for you. You can also earn by selling your photos on different social media platforms. There are also several ways to earn from social media by uploading your photos. All you need is just your mobile phone. And a social media account for uploading your pictures after that you can start earning.

Best Social Media Platforms for Selling Photos

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Tumblr
  • Behance

How to Earn by Selling Photos on Social Media?

There are several ways to earn from social media. None of any social media accounts is going to pay you directly by uploading photos. But there are a few tricks mentioned in the below list. So, use them and start earning money by uploading photos on Social Media.

Affiliate Marketing

The first way to earn from social media is through affiliate marketing. You can simply create an account on any social media account. And attach an affiliate link and post it on your social media account. Through this method, you can easily make hundreds of dollars monthly.

Promote Products

When you will start posting? And the reach of your page is high. Then you can target brands and say I will advertise your product on my page. Or brands will come to you by themselves. Advertise them and earn.

5- Sell your Photos as a Service

The next on our list is to sell your photos as a service. If you are really good at clicking photos. Then you can create a portfolio website or a social media account. Where you can post some of your best clicks. Along with your login details. So, if someone is interested to work with you they can contact you.

You can easily make money through this method. Also, it’s the easiest way and the amount you can earn is also pretty good. Although it requires a lot of skills and patience.

How to Earn by selling Photos as a Service

There are several ways to earn money by selling your photos as a service

  • Do photoshoots of individual people.
  • Product photography is also a good idea.
  • Doing fashion shoots requires high skills. But you can earn a lot if you are an expert.
  • Cover events like wedding ceremonies, brand shoots, parties, and more.


We all capture photos these days. And we have really expensive phones. So, we don’t need professional camera nowadays to capture something. But we don’t earn over mobile and we waste time. That’s why we shared with you How you can Make Money by Selling Photos Online. There are several ways in the above article. Go through all of them and find which suits you the most and start earning.

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