How to Make Money by UX Design

UX Design or User Experience. Every Website, App, Software, and Online service user visit interacts with the UX design. We experience a lot of different things when visiting a website. They all depend on how the UX of that particular app or web is designed. If the UX experience is good the app will function properly. And we will be able to do over work for which we visited the website. So, if you can design the UX of any app, website, or service. Then it is a great opportunity to earn money. Because billions of users use and visit different apps and websites on daily basis. Due to this, we can earn a lot.

What is UX Design?

UX stands for user experience. So, now you can guess it is all about the experience of the user. If we design a website interface and theme. We have to check whether the website is responsive and whether all of the functions and the tabs we put are working properly or not. If all the functions are working properly then it means. That the user will face no difficulties while using that website or app. Then the experience of the user will be great.

If we can design a very good UX for an app or website. Then the earning potential in this field is really high. For designing a very simple UX we can easily earn between $50 to $100 for designing a very basic UX.

How to Design UX?

If you follow these few simple steps then you can design a good UX. And the users will have a great UX experience.

Research, Target Competitors

So, the first step is to do research about the app or website you are going to create. Once you are done with your own research. Then the most important step is to target your competitors. It is a great way to land on a very beautiful UX design.


Create a sketch of your research. Use digital software like photoshop or simply draw on paper. So, once you will put your ideas and thoughts into sketches it will become a lot easier to design the UX.

Create or Design

Now the most important step is to bring your sketch into reality. Start designing your app in this step. Everything you researched about and all the functions you want in your app.


After designing and creating the UX of your app. Now, it is time to test those functions that you designed. If they all function properly. Then we can sell over app and earn money.

Best Softwares for UX Design

Here is the list of software you can use them to easily design the UX of any software, app, or website.

  • Adobe XD.
  • Adobe Photoshop.
  • Adobe Illustrator.
  • Figma.
  • Sketch.
  • InVision.

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How to Make Money by UX Design?

Earning money by UX design is really easy. You can easily earn passive income by designing UX. So, we shared almost everything about the UX. In case you missed something then you should read it again. Now, we will share with you how to earn from what we taught you. There are many different ways to earn by designing the UX. We will share some of the top and best ones.

Freelance UX Design

So, the first in over list is to work as a freelance UX designer. There are many different freelance websites where you can work as a UX designer. But there is a catch the commission rate is just too much on these sites. And you can not give the money you earned by doing hard work. To someone for just using their platform. So, for that reason, we suggest you choose Fiverr.

Fiverr is a great way to start for beginners. And if you will join Fiverr from the link below you can quickly start earning money without any hustle. Here are some people who are earning hundreds of dollars by working on Fiverr.

webfixerr fiverr gig
ruvo_jahan fiverr gig
subashdas2014 fiverr gig Make Money by UX Design

webfixerr works on Fiverr and designs the UX for apps and websites. And is making more than $45 for each project.

ruvo_jahan designs only dashboard UX. And is providing his services on Fiverr. And making more than $100.

subashdas2014 designs the app’s UX only for mobile. And is a pro-verified seller on Fiverr. And making $240.

Create a Youtube Channel

If you don’t have a Youtube channel. Then you should create one now. Because as a UX designer the amount you can earn using YouTube is just massive. So, visit youtube and create a youtube channel. After that start teaching people how to design the UX for apps and websites. And only in a few months, your channel will get monetized. After that, you will be able to make hundreds of dollars on daily basis.

The amount you can earn with youtube is very high. But it will depend on your content. The better your content the better the amount. And working on a youtube channel is a piece of cake. All you have to do is just create one video daily and post it for one month. After that, your channel will get monetized and you can start earning.

Sell your Designs

The next way to earn money is through UX Design. Is to create multiple designs first and then show them to clients using different platforms and start selling. It is a direct way to sell your products. And you can also work with other platforms too. Because there are no restrictions as you will be on your own and selling. In this method, there are multiple platforms that you can choose from. Some of them are given below.

  • Sell through Social Media.
  • Create your Own Design Blog.
  • Question and Answer Websites.
  • Target Clients Directly and more.


We shared with you a lot of tips about UX Design in this article. So after reading all of them you can Earn Money by UX Design. Earning money by designing UX for apps and websites is really easy. And there are multiple methods to earn money which we shared in this article with you. Also, you will find a lot of tricks that will help you to make your work a lot easier. But for that, you will have to read the complete article.

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